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To ensure a broad and a balanced education the facilities and atmosphere of the school provide the necessary impetus for learning. The teaching of the Academic subjects is supplemented by media enhanced learning, read aloud programmes, story-telling sessions, art, clay modelling, dance music, enactment, sports, picnics and Educational excursions.

The meaningful assemblies provide ample opportunities for students to identify their strengths, hone their skills and get an insight into their traditions and culture. Value based education and ample opportunities to participate in celebrations and events provide a strong foundation for all round growth.

Key Highlights

  • Stress free ,Protected Atmosphere
  • Small, compact groups
  • Individual Attention
  • Activity Based Experiential Learning
  • Meaningful Assemblies


  • Smart Board Activities
  • Regular Periodic Assessment
  • Read Aloud Programmes
  • Intra-class events
  • Educational Trips and Adventure Camps




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