For Classes Pre-nursery to P2
Subjects taught in classes Nursery are English, Math, Environmental Science and Computers and in classes K.G, P1 & P-2 Hindi as well. A blend of Montessori and Play-way methods are used in Pre-nursery, Nursery and Kindergarten and the Learning by Doing, Pair, Group and Application Related Strategies in P1 and P2. The objective of the newly initiated Chrysalis Educational Program supplemented with Audio Visual Tabletsusing the smart board, is to focus on 
Reading and Critical Thinking                                    
Experiential Learning
Divergent Thinking
Social and Emotional Learning
Higher Order Thinking
Co-operative Learning
A system of Formative Assessment/continuous evaluation will be followed through a check list of assignments and observational activities through everyday interactions with various methods within the Classrooms not limited to tests.
We strive towards awakening  the human potential in every child, thus preparing our learners for the 21st Century.


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