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Special Assembly - Republic Day 2019-20
Special Assembly - Republic Day 2019-20   

Special Assembly - Republic Day


 On this day, 71st Republic Day 2020, it’s the time to recall the famous Vande Mataram,  the chant that gave us the freedom. May the Indian spirit prosper forever. To remember is to cherish!

Members of Srinivasa  and Vikram Sarabhai  House celebrated the 71st  Republic Day on Saturday, 25th January, 2020 at  Modern Early Years, Vasundhara.

The program started with a wonderful poem titled “???? ?? ????? ?? ???”  recited by Chahat Chaudhary, Aaradhy Pradhan and Yedant K. Varun, followed by a musical enactment on the powerful rendition?? ?????? ???? ??????’ giving the message of Unity in Diversity of Incredible India.

It was followed by another poem recited by Amaira Sethi, Arihant Yadav and Anirudh Agrawal of class P2 titled, “?? ?????? ???????

The students of P1 displayed the traditions and cultures of different states on the lyrics  ‘?? ?? ?????? ???’

Addressing all, the Branch Head, Ms.Manju Mehra stated ‘This occasion is a reminder to  honour those who gave their lives for us and to respect their sacrifices.

Dear Children, you are the future of the country. Work hard to your full potential. Focus on acquiring knowledge for that is a treasure which cannot be stolen by anyone. It is your responsibility to take our country towards progress. With such bright and intelligent children like you, we are sure our country will shine.

I wish you all grow up into responsible citizens who will take pride in being Indian who love your country and countrymen  unconditionally .’

The Assembly concluded with the patriotic song “???? ???? ?? ?????’   led by the music teacher Ms. Sriparna and joined by all the participants in the chorus.

The finalists of Humming Bird Olympiad who had qualified for Level 2  were awarded Certificates and Medals.



    Educational Trips (Classes Nursery & P2) 2019-20
    Educational Trips (Classes Nursery & P2) 2019-20   

    Educational Trips for Classes Nursery & P2

    1) NurseryShankar's International Dolls Museum

    On Saturday, 18th January 2020, students of class Nursery visited Shankar’s International Dolls Museum that has one of the world’s largest collections of dolls, located at Nehru House at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg , Delhi.


    ·  The museum was first started with thousand dolls and today it has more than 6,500 dolls from almost 85 countries of the world, giving it an incredible international character.

    ·  The dolls in the museum showcase regional costumes, bride and grooms of various states, dolls with sarees draped around them from different countries of the world.  

    ·  The major attractions of the museum for the children were
    Kabuki and Samurai dolls from Japan, Maypole dance replica dolls of Hungary, UK’s Queen collection and Orchestra of women from Thailand which exposed the children to the different cultures of the world and bring joy to their faces after watching a huge and a beautiful collection of dolls.

    ·  It was indeed an educational come joyful trip for the little ones!


    2)  P2 - The Waste to Wonder Park

    Modern Early Years, Vasundhara organised an educational trip for the students of Class P2 on 18th Januray, 2020. The students went to visit "The Waste to Wonder Park” at Sarai Kale Khan.

    One of the most important and impressive fact about this park is that you will see 7 wonders of the world. In fact, these 7 wonders of the world are made up of industrial waste and other waste materials like scrap metal, discarded auto parts, procured from the landfills of the city. In this way waste material is used into a good form.

    Giving a boost to the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' it aims to forge ahead towards transforming waste to wealth.

    The students excitingly witnessed the Seven Wonders of the World made out of waste namely,

    1. Taj Mahal, India

    2. Largest Amphitheatre, Colosseum, Rome, Italy

    3. Christ The Redeemer Statue, Rio de Janeiro

    4. Statue of Liberty, USA

    5. Eiffel Tower, Paris

    6. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

    7. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt  

    The students learnt a lot about the different monuments and countries but most importantly they learnt how waste material could be used to create something as beautiful as this park.



      Value Assembly: Respect (2019-20)
      Value Assembly: Respect (2019-20)   

      Value Assembly: Respect

      A Value Assembly was conducted at Modern Early Years, Vasundhara by the students of Jagdish Chandra Bose house on Friday, 17th  January, 2020.The Assembly started with the thought of the day presented by Mysha Mehrotra of P2 A.

      “Respect for ourselves guides our morals;
      respect for others guides our manners.”
                                                     - Laurence Stone

      After that Avyaan Mishra and Kuhu Sharma of P2 B spoke a few lines on the Value.

      Using placards, Aayu Jain, Anvee Gupta, Aahana Singh, Leyssha,  Yuvraj Singh Chauhan, Aalabhya Bhal Solanki of P1 & Nishka Malhotra of P2  

      elaborated on what the letters – R,E,S,P,E,C,T meant.

      R – Respond in an appropriate manner to everyone

      E – Eyes and ears on the speaker

      S - Sharing responsibilities

      P – Pay attention to what is said

      E – Express your opinion, but also listen

      C –Care for others

      T – Take responsibility for your actions

      A beautiful poem on Respect was recited by Yash Singhal, Raghav Sharma and Aannika Gupta of Class P2 B.

      Another inspiring poem was recited by Khawaish Saraogi (P2-A) & Advik Srivastava (P2-C) on ‘Respect' by Don Wilson.

      Aradhya, Viraj Kasana and Avni Chandhok of P2-C recited an inspiring poem in Hindi titled “??????????

      Chaitanya Mangla, Abaan Wali and Kuhu Sharma of P2 presented an engaging song on ‘Respect’. Students then watched a video on ‘Do unto others on how you would want them to do unto you’.

      Two students took part in the talent round.

      1. Kimaya Chaudhary presented a dance performance on ‘Buddhu sa mann...'

      2. Rushal Mehra danced on 'Suno gaur se dunia waalon....'

      Summing up the Assembly Ms Mehra complimented Ms Shashi Singh  for the very Comprehensive Information and the House Members for their excellent delivery and performances.


        Lohri Celebration (2019-20)
        Lohri Celebration (2019-20)   

        Lohri Celebration : 2019-20

        Those who plant blessings, shall also harvest blessings.

        The bonfire harvest festival of Lohri celebrated in the month of Magh, symbolising new beginnings was celebrated with verve and enthusiasm by the members of Abdul Kalam House at a Special Assembly on reopening of the School on Monday, 13th January, 2020 in the Modern Early Years, Vasundhara lawns.

        The Presentation started with Shivkia Oberoi & Shivaansh Kukreti of P1-B and Kaina Agarwal & Akshainie Shetty of P2-C sharing their New Year Resolution –

        1.      I will work hard, make my parents proud, exercise daily and will eat healthy food.

        2.      I will plant more trees/saplings

        3.      I will save water.

        4.      I will work hard and score good grades, respectively.

        This was followed by Nivya Sharma (P2-C) performing giddha on a Punjabi folk song. The students were then asked hat why they had witnessed a dance performance and which festival was being celebrated today. Tishya Goel (P2-C) told everyone about Lohri. ’It marks the end of winter season and is a way of welcoming longer days’. Kimroop Giri (P1-B) danced on a famous number ‘Sunder Mundriye’. Further Diya Singh explained how we celebrate Lohri by 

        ·  lighting the bonfire.

        ·  eating seasonal goodies like popcorn, rewari, gajak etc.

        ·  making traditional food – sarson ka saag, make ki roti and roh ki kheer.

        The Branch Head Ms. Manju Mehra, welcomed everyone, reminded students of certain New Year Resolutions they ought to make and follow and also released the School Calendar 2020 showcasing the Events and the paintings of the budding artists. A bonfire was it and the prasad of popcorn, rewari and gajak as customary was distributed amongst all.

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