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Value Assembly-Obedience 2019
Value Assembly-Obedience 2019   ...

Value Assembly : Obedience

‘Obedience is the primary object of all sound education.’   

Elizabeth Missing Sewell


An Assembly was conducted on the Value ‘Obedience’ at Modern Early Years, Vasundhara, on the Tuesday,15th October, 2019 by P1 students and teachers. The endeavour was to highlight and emphasise the importance of being obedient, via poems, songs, enactment etc.

The Assembly began with the News and Thought of the Day by Yedhant and Nupur of Class P1-B, respectively. This was followed by the explanation of the meaning of  the word obedience and an effective story narration. A thought provoking poem titled ‘Children Obey Your Parents’ was recited by Rajit, Anshuman Khurana and Anhad Singh Sahni of Class P1-A.

Children presented a wonderful act ‘Frau Trude’ depicting the importance of obedience in everyone’s life. After this,  few children explained the ways to be followed by everyone to become an obedient person.

Leyssha and Ryan of Class P1-A showcased their talents of dancing and singing in the Talent Round.

There was a group song performed by the students and everyone present in the hall joined in.

Branch Head, Ms. Manju Mehra praised the efforts of the students and teachers and appreciated the presentation.

All enjoyed the Assembly and took home an important lesson for life.





    Dussehra Celebration-2019
    Dussehra Celebration-2019   ...

    Dussehra Celebration

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    Dussehra Celebration was organised by the members of Abdul Kalam and Jagdish Chandra Bose House at Modern Early Years, Vasundhara on Tuesday, 1st October, 2019. The Programme started with a mesmerising Ram bhajan ‘Hey Ram………..’ sung by the girls of Classes P1 and P2.

    Thereafter, children of both the Houses presented a delightful musical play showcasing the reason, why we celebrate Dussehra.  The play revolved around the life of Lord Ram, his exile, Sita haran and the victory of right over might.

    It was indeed an amazing show, a sheer delight to see such small kids presenting themselves so immaculately on the stage. The confidence was inevitable in the eyes of the children.

    Parents too greatly applauded the children. This was followed by the recitation of the poem by Avi Bansal and Avni Chandhok of Class P2-C.

    The Branch Head, Ms. Manju Mehra emphasised on the virtues to be imbibed from Lord Ram such as obedience, brotherhood, bravery, honesty and kindness. She also acknowledged the meticulous co-ordination, the expressive enactment and the impactful choreography. Wishing all, the blessings of Dussehra, Ms. Mehra concluded with a message…

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